Daniel has always enjoyed working with plants and working with his hands.  He has 15+ years experience working in the landscape industry. He studied Landscape Architecture at Utah State University.  He has worked for the Jordan Valley Water Conservation District as a sprinkler auditor for the Slow-the-Flow Program.  He has experience with application of lawn fertilizer and other weed control products in his previous work as a spray tech for a few different lawn companies.  He understands the  importance of a well-maintained landscape and how it can add beauty and peace to a home or business.  Any landscape he works on, he treats it as his own and strives to make it a wonderful addition to  the surrounding  neighborhood it is a part of.

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From the Palace of Versailles to your doctor's office, landscaping is an important part of an establishment's visual impression. We believe it ought to be beautiful, thoughtful, and well done. Always. 

Daniel Talbot - Owner and Designer

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